Rabbi Hawkins

The home of Rabbi Hawkins



MYOB Cover 30 AugustGhosts in Gagetown?

“I found the body with my toes.”

And that discovery put not only Private Donnie Hawkins in fear of his life, but threatened his friends as well!

This time Rabbi is involved with bodies in the water, Edward Teach’s gold, a payroll robbery and of course, trouble with the authorities.

Staff Sergeant Pritchard-Ingalls and his new Company Sergeant-Major, Patrick Garrett do their best to rein in the rebel Rabbi, but it’s no use. Even a brawl with his new section commander, Lance Corporal ‘Moley’ Mollesworth doesn’t slow him down. Joining him in his adventures are Bobby and Jeff from his squad in Depot and new friends, Barker, Boudreau and Teddy Assiniboine.

It takes place while the Battalion is on Fall training — all rifle companies were being put through a pioneer refresher program of minefields, mine detecting and prodding, barbed wire fences, and bridging in a round robin style of training.

One afternoon, Rabbi and his pals were permitted to go swimming in a nearby lake. Dropping off the rope swing they had installed, Rabbi’s toes touched the head of a submerged body.

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