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Written By: Rabbi - Jan• 03•12

Hi, I’m Rabbi Hawkins. And welcome to my website. I’m the guy in charge of this site. But I’m not alone in this deal. There’s the author of my Rabbi Hawkins’ Adventures, Jim Miller. At least, he thinks he’s the author. Actually, I channel him. Yep, the words run out of the ends of his fingers, but they’re coming out of my brain.

As long as he gets his job done, we’ll have no problems. So, come along with me and I’ll help you understand this website. Which reminds me, there is another guy behind this site, George Plumley, he’s a WordPress guy. He’ll be around trying to get me to put up a blog, insert a map of the Camp, create videos and a hundred other things that nobody even realized would be possible back in my day.

And, in case you’re wondering how I even got here, forget it. If I knew, would I even be here?

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