Rabbi Hawkins
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Mined Your Own Business

by Jim Miller

Published: 2013 266pp.

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In the Army for just over seven months, Private Donald Hawkins has already earned the unique nickname of Rabbi and a reputation as a rebel. His friends all see him as a sure way to brighten up the battalion's day. Generally those in authority, such as his Company Sergeant Major, Patrick Garrett, refer to him as the Battalion Troublemaker.

On his arrival in the battalion from basic training, Rabbi had been warned to keep his nose clean. He intended to do just that until–“I found the body with my toes.” starts him, his friends Bobby and Jeff on the trail of a killer. That trail kicks off with a stumble into the lair of a real-live ghost. While investigating this ‘ghost’ another soldier is killed, and Rabbi gets involved with Edward Teach's gold, a payroll robbery and of course, trouble with the authorities. Follow Rabbi's attempts to track a killer while trying to avoid becoming the next victim.


Mined Your Own Business is a fun and mystery-filled peek into the world of the Canadian Army during the 1960s.

Coming Soon - 2013


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I found the body with my toes.

While on an off-duty swim in a nearby lake, Private Rabbi Hawkins splashes onto a dead body, a treasure map, and a conspiracy all while trying to stay in the army doing as little work as possible.

He's a month or so out of his basic training and living out in the field in tents (under canvas) while undergoing pioneer training - this includes watermanship, think canoeing in a huge, ungainly, inflatable canoe, working with barbed wire to make entanglements, cat wire fences and learning all about mines, minefields and explosives in general.

Off duty the boys indulge in some serious bayonet throwing competitions and napping. Rabbi gets caught up in a murder and then a second one when his plan to thwart the 'ghost' fails.

His plan gets him neck deep in more trouble and his only way out is to be the bait in a deadly trap.