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Back when I was with the Canadian Rangers at Albert Head, Victoria.

My name is Jim Miller and I’ve been a writer since I was four years old: used a bright red Crayola crayon on my brother’s bedroom wall. Hieroglyphics mainly, but my Dad said, “Maybe he’ll be a writer.”

First published at fourteen with a short, descriptive piece for my local library. At eighteen I joined the Army and continued to write. Once accused of writing a letter of complaint against our section commander I was then charged with conspiring to mutiny.

From there I graduated to some published pieces in the Wainwright Star-Chronicle, Base Borden newspaper and Victoria’s Monday magazine while all the time working on a novel. I am a full-time writer with a portfolio of manuscripts that includes a mystery series  starring Donald ‘Rabbi’ Hawkins. I retired to Parksville to write and have joined an excellent writers’ group. Found out that I wasn’t ready to retire there. Moved back to Victoria to write even more.

My credentials for writing mysteries: I read them by the truckload. I also have over 43 years experience in the Canadian Forces. I began my career as a student militiaman in Toronto with the 48th Highlanders of Canada. That was so much fun that I decided to make a career out of soldiering. Once the Lance Corporals in the Black Watch Depot got hold of me, I didn’t think it was so much fun. Graduating from the Canadian Black Watch Basic Training Depot as a private soldier, I finished in the regular force as a Warrant Officer with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, stationed in Victoria, BC.

I finished my degree in history and philosophy at University of Manitoba and then took my commission in the Canadian Scottish Regiment in Victoria. Promoted to Captain, I served another 14 years with the Canadian Rangers. With the Canadian Rangers I was the British Columbia Detachment Commander.

During my career I have been a batman (pretty much an officer’s servant), a radio operator, a drill instructor, a section commander, a platoon sergeant and a platoon commander. I have served in Cyprus, Europe, and have spent many years in both Camp Wainwright and Camp Gagetown (Now Base Gagetown).

The incidents portrayed in my novels are not true, but in many instances do have a basis in fact. There has never been a unit by the name of the MacCammon Highlanders of Canada, in the Canadian Army, nor are any of the characters real people. Having been both an officer and a non-commissioned member makes me very familiar with both sides of the officer/other ranks subject.

I’m going to start a blog that will be associated with this website.