Rabbi Hawkins
The home of Rabbi Hawkins

“Rabbi Joins the Army

by Jim Miller

Published: 2013 Digital: $2.99 On Special: $.99 Buy for Amazon Kindle

“Did you ever hear someone die? I did. He was a friend of mine.”And with that, Donald Hawkins ventures into murder, mystery and the military in 1964. Private Hawkins was railroaded into joining the Canadian Army and is determined to get himself thrown out, or released, any way he can. Short of desertion.

Book Cover - Rabbi Joins The ArmyAlong the way Hawkins picks up the nickname ‘Rabbi’ and never looks back as he becomes the unofficial sleuth of the Canadian Army. As such, murder never seems to be far away. Always butting heads with authority, Rabbi's relationship with Staff Sergeant Pritchard-Ingalls humorously resembles Jim Rockford’s affiliation with Lieutenant Becker.

Rabbi Joins The Army is a mysterious and comic marvel, replete with its own Gunfight at the OK Corral." - Clive Scarff