Rabbi Hawkins
The home of Rabbi Hawkins

“Rabbi and the Sticky End

by Jim Miller

Published: 2013 Buy for Amazon Kindle

“He’s dead!”RabbiAndStickyEndMiller

“There’s no need to shout,” said Sergeant Boxley.
Yeah there was. I had just found Sergeant Randall, head completely covered in gun tape. No need to shout? Which just goes to show you how little he knew of the situation.

No eyes, no mouth, no face, and no hair. An olive drab balloon where his head should have been. Death by gun tape-- Army duct tape. And guess who owned the murder weapon?

Who else, but me, Rabbi Hawkins. What else? Clown make-up, a body in the showers, a beautiful girl (not in the showers), and me trapped in a bunker with a psychopath armed with grenades, a sub machine gun and bad temper. It’s me against this khaki-clad nightmare and all I’ve got is a knife. Remember that old saying, Never bring a knife to a gunfight?

It was all I had!

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