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Glossary of Canadian Army Jargon

Rabbi’s Guide To Army Jargon

As more books are published, more  military jargon will be added.

The words we use, the names of our equipment, both official and not.

Ammo Boots

Ammunition boots, the black boots that needed to be scraped clear of the pebbles and then shone to a gleaming finish. Usually a built-up sole and heel was added at the recruit’s expense and along with that, a horseshoe cleat was nailed in place.


Civilian attire; civilians.

Crowbar Hotel

Another term for the guardroom or military jail. Other terms are



Piss Can



Go To Ground

To go to bed.

Gravel Tech

Short for ‘Gravel Technician’ – infantry soldier, because of the time spent digging trenches.

Gun Plumber

Armourer, responsible for repairing firearms.


A large insulated container used for serving and storing food in field operations.


Artillery soldier.


Knife, Fork, Spoon.


An uncomplimentary term for a member of the Military Police.


Non-serviceable, non-functioning, broken, official jargon.

Other Ranks

(ORs) term for non commissioned members of the army.


Long strips of flannel cloth in shades of khaki, rifle green or black, wrapped tightly at the top of ankle-boots or ammunition boots to provide support over rough ground.


RP – Regimental Policeman This is an infantry soldier who volumteered as a policeman within the battalion. Not a true policeman, an RP was generally used to man the front desk, guard the prisoners and assist an MP in his duties.


MP – Military Policeman (see Meathead) The MP was a trained policeman with powers of arrest.


(The Shack) Living quarters of any kind, no reference to quality/comfort.

The Old Man

The Commanding Officer.