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Rifle Company Described

A rifle company, such as Rabbi’s Delta Company, contained a headquarters and three rifle platoons.

Within the HQ there was the command element consisting of the Officer Commanding (OC), as opposed to the Commanding Officer – the term reserved for the commander of the battalion. His rank was Major and he had a Captain as a 2ic and a WO2 as his Company Sergeant  Major. The CSM was the company disciplinarian, who ran the duty roster and authorized leave passes.

The 2i/c ran the administrative side of the company with the help of the CSM and the company clerk. Generally, the clerk was a soldier pulled from the ranks to become the ‘paper pusher’.

Along with the command and administrative parts there was the stores element, commanded by a Staff Sergeant, known as the CQMS. The CQ supervised the Transport Sergeant, the Signals NCO and his storeman.

The fighting end of a rifle company was the three platoons, consisting of 3 officers and 105 men.

The company strength fluctuated, but hovered close to 5 officers and 115 men.