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The Ranks of the First Battalion MacCammon Highlanders of Canada

The Difference between Ranks and Appointments

A rank was the achieved position of a soldier, for example a Sergeant, but the appointment was more like a job title, Platoon second in command. A rank would not change, even if the job did.

The ranks of a typical ’60s Canadian Infantry Battalion, such as the MacCammons. Click Rank badges for examples.

The Officers – An officer held the Queen’s Commission.

Lieutenant Colonel (LCol) this is the rank of the Commandant of the MacCammon’s Depot and the rank of the Commanding Officer (CO) of the First Battalion MacCammons

Major (Maj) the rank held by a Company commander, the DCO or Deputy Commanding Officer

Captain (Capt) a Company 2ic, the rank of the Adjutant, the Medical Officer,  the Paymaster and the Padre

Lieutenant (Lt) generally the rank of a platoon commander within the Battalion.

Second Lieutenant (2Lt) the first level of command within the officer corps.

Officer Cadet, not truly an officer, still under training,  he was not entitled to a salute.

The Non-Commissioned officers – Non Coms (a term not used a lot)

Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) the Battalion’s Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), the top non-commissioned officer in an Infantry Battalion like the MacCammons. The Commanding Officer’s chief advisor concerning the soldiers.

Warrant Officer 2 (WO2) a Company Sergeant Major, generally the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in a Company. And would also be the rank of a soldier holding the position of RQMS or Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Major, the 2ic of the RSM.

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) a sub unit commander, like Staff Sergeant Pritchard-Ingalls, who ran the military police detachment in the 1st MacCammons. Another key position in an Infantry Battalion would be the Company Quartermaster (CQMS). Known as the CQ, he was the man in charge of a Company Stores.

Sergeant (Sgt) a platoon 2ic, in the case of the MacCammon Depot, a squad 2ic.

Corporal (Cpl) a section commander, detachment commander in mortar platoon, recce platoon, anti-tank platoon or pioneer platoon.

Lance Corporal (LCpl) usually a section 2ic, but could be a section commander, depending on the number of Corporals in a Company.

 The Other Ranks – ORs

Also known the men, troops, soldiers, or even as ‘bayonets’

Private – Recruit – a soldier undergoing basic training in an Infantry Depot.

Private – Trained – Group 1 – completed Light Infantry Training (LI). LI was a comprehensive course in all infantry-oriented subjects, including pioneer training, signals training, map and compass use, section level tactics and weapons training.

Private – Trained Group 2 – completed a secondary training course such as mortars, signals, anti-tank, pioneers